Get out and enjoy nature!

Splügen is a beautiful village in the pass, with sun-weathered wooden houses, a ski area where snow is guaranteed and countless hiking trails. 

When staying at the Bodenhaus, you can step outside at any time and completely immerse yourself in the authentic scenery – whether just walking around exploring the narrow streets or on a hike on the culturally and historically important “Via Spluga”. 

A perfect day’s holiday is made up of little things as well as big experiences. Be inspired.



8 am

The smell of freshly baked bread and freshly ground coffee wafts through the air. Now’s the time to hop out of bed and start the day with some fine regional specialities and home-made muesli.


9 am

You can’t buy happiness. But you can buy a ski pass, and that’s just as good. The modern eight-seater gondola lift takes you up to Tanatzhöhi, where the varied Splügen-Tambo ski area on the border with Italy awaits you with 30 kilometres of perfectly prepared slopes.


12 pm

Skiing is hungry work. It’s time for a break on the terrace of the Bodenhaus. Order a portion of pizzoccheri or a Bodenhaus plättli and enjoy it in the dazzling sunshine.


2 pm

Let’s go while the sun’s still shining. The valley trail for classical and skate skiing starts at the cross-country centre at the edge of the village of Splügen. Shortly after the start, you cross a bridge. Then, always following the bank of the Hinterrhein, the trail takes you alternately through sparse forest and wide open areas. The impressive mountain scenery of the Rheinwald accompanies the journey to Nufenen and back.


5 pm

We’ve earned the chocolate. Let’s warm up in front of the fireplace and browse in guidebooks, just like many locals and prominent guests in the Bodenhaus before us.


7 pm

There’s just enough time before dinner for a trip to the sauna. It feels like we have been born again.


11 pm

Let’s sink into the soft pillows with a good book and sip a glass of Malbec from Graubünden. Malbec from Graubünden? That’s right.



7 am

The mountain calls! Time for a light breakfast with freshly brewed coffee and home-made muesli. Let’s pack our rucksacks and get going.


10 am

After around two hours of hiking we’ve reached the high plateau. The imposing Pizzo Tambo is reflected in the Unter-Surettasee. We continue to the Ober-Surettasee and the lakeside hut, 2,272 metres above sea level, even though there is no-one there to serve us. At the long wooden table in front of the hut we get some salami and cheese out of our rucksacks. After the picnic, we take a short rowing boat trip on the Ober Surettasee before heading back to Splügen. 

Hiking time 4 h 35 min


3 pm

One of the most enjoyable things to do in summer is to make a campfire. Armed with matches and the finest sausages, we create an unforgettable atmosphere in no time. One of the spots for making campfires can be found on the Roman route from Splügen to Sufers, right next to the castle ruins, just a few minutes’ walk from the Bodenhaus.


6 pm

Let’s take a stroll around Splügen before dinner. Having been shaped by traffic on the pass, the village boasts an exquisitely preserved appearance.


7 pm

Shall we sit in the Stübli, the Säumerei, the Beizli or on the terrace? We’re spoilt for choice as to where to enjoy the chef’s fine dishes.


9 pm

In front of the crackling fire, we look back on the day with a glass of red wine.


10 pm

We take another look up at the starry sky, listen to the mountain stream from the “Bärahora” and go peacefully to sleep.

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