Once the centre of the alpine transit

and ideal starting point for nature enthusiasts

Splügen – where paths meet.

Embedded in the alps of Rheinwald, at the foot of the Splügen and San Bernardino alpine passes, lies the characteristic village of Splügen, being for centuries the connecting route to Italy. Even during Roman times both passes were regularly frequented. The mule-paths were of great significance in the Middle Ages when trade goods were transported with mules over the alps. The transit square was an important place for goods exchange right up until the 19th century and is still today a popular stop-off.

The picturesque image of Splügen with its intact historical village core and the Walser houses with their typical flagstone roofs testify the Walser settlement in the 13th century. Despite its historical importance, Splügen has until now been spared great touristic commotion. Today mainly nature enthusiasts and alpine sports lovers are attracted to this alpine village visible at a glance.

Hotel Bodenhaus – steeped with history.

Since its establishment in 1722 Bodenhaus is an important part of Splügen. The imposing and striking building served originally as storage room for transit goods, housing the post station and offered, in those days, accommodation and board for travellers.

At the beginning of the 19th century, the mule-tracks to Italy were developed into alpine pass roads for horse-drawn carriages. This brought more travellers to Splügen, which as a result meant that the demand for possibilities of accommodation increased.In 1820 Hotel Bodenhaus was renovated and converted into a comfortable guest house.

Ever since 1828 Hotel Bodenhaus has conducted guestbooks. These represent today a valuable cultural historical possession. Numerous travelling guests signed with name, position, origin and destination in the guestbook. Entries of famous names such as Albert Einstein, Friedrich Nietzsche, William Turner, Prinz Louis Napoleon Bonaparte and Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen recorded their visit to Hotel Bodenhaus.

Thanks to careful renovations over the last few years, Bodenhaus has recovered its original character and offers pleasure and active relaxation in an historical atmosphere.

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